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GMR Transcription has over a decade of experience in creating the finest transcription and translation solutions at affordable rates for its clients. For further information about our services, call us today at (215)-531-7893. We can answer all your questions to help you start working on your projects at your convenience.

Accuracy and Quality Control

Transcription Services in Philadelphia, PA

With over ten years of experience, GMR Transcription is well-resourced to handle all your transcription needs. We have a highly proficient team trained in transcription that can tackle detailed and intricate assignments, including audio projects with low sound quality, technical and complex content, research projects, extensive panel discussions, assignments with specific formatting requirements, and transcripts that need time-stamps. We are devoted to maintaining our quality, so we only hire US-based transcriptionists who consistently develop accurate and high-quality transcripts.

Some of our main features include:

  • 100% US-based Human Transcriptionists
  • Quick Turnaround Time with Guaranteed Confidentiality
  • Finest Quality-99% Accuracy Assured!

GMR Transcription values its team of exceptionally specialized and experienced transcriptionists with a keenness to complete all your assignments in a precise and timely manner. We rank among the finest transcription services in Philadelphia, PA.

No software program can match a human transcriptionist’s skill to accurately record intricate spoken words, complicated and field-specific terminology, and audio with several speakers, regional phrases, and slang. If you need quality transcription services in Philadelphia, then you can trust GMR Transcriptions to give you the best-in-class services.

What Do We Consider Difficult Audio?

Translation Services in Philadelphia, PA

GMR Transcription has a skilled team of specialized translators who are experts in various subject fields. We cater to our Philadelphia-based customers' translation requirements and provide accurately translated documents within a quick turnaround time.

Our key features include:

  • Dedication to Excellence
  • Established Expertise
  • 100% Human Translation Teams

GMR Transcription also excels in expert business, academic, and research translation as well as localization services. Our professionally trained translators can deliver top-quality, precise, and technically accurate translated content in several languages, including Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese. We can interpret all types of technical documents, including legal documents, research papers, academic content, websites, product manuals, user guides, and much more.

To learn more about our affordable and efficient professional translation services in Philadelphia, call us today!

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Our transcription services are done by human transcribers. We serve clients seeking academic, corporate, legal, and podcast transcription services!

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Our experienced, certified translators provide text-to-text, audio-to-text, and verbatim translation in over 20 languages and dialects.

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GMR's team of professional editors and writers can review and polish any project – from book drafts to technical research papers to corporate plans and proposals.

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Our careful eye for detail makes GMR Transcription's team of professional transcribers, translators, and editors the perfect proofreaders for your paper.

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