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Press Release

GMR Transcription launches new .mobi website

California based Transcription Services Company; GMR Transcription Services Inc. announced a new .mobi site for people wanting to send voice files from their smart phones. The website address is It is a website that can be accessed by mobile phones and recordings on mobile phones can be easily uploaded into it.

Beth Worthy, Transcription Supervisor said, “This site has been optimized for usage on mobile phones. Mobile phone users will prefer to go with our . mobi site as it will be easily displayed in their mobile phones and it is much easier to upload their voice files when they are on-the-move. This site is specifically tailored and formatted for your phones and on-the-go-needs. We have tested the application on Windows, Symbian and Android platforms. We are developing the Iphone version of the application.”

These days mobile phones are the dominant medium of communication both globally and locally. As a result, the best way to offer information and services to customers is through the ir mobile phone.

Should you have any queries regarding our new program, please call- 714-202-9653 or contact us.

About GMR Transcription Services

GMR Transcription Inc is a transcription Service company focused on affordable & accurate transcription of lectures, focus groups, board meetings, 1-on-1 interviews, legal depositions, dictation, sermons, conferences, insurance professionals, videos, Podcasts, Psychiatrist and Psychologist sessions, and other similar projects. Its services are ideal for Professors, Students, Market Researchers, Preachers, Law Offices & Lawyers, Small & Large Businesses, Insurance Companies and Writers.

GMR Transcription Service also provides medical transcription work through its sister organization; and legal transcription through

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