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The following free download links allow you to easily convert, edit, and record any variety of audio and video files.

Switch Sound File Converter : Converts a wide variety of audio formats to an .mp3 file

FREE Download Link:

YouTube to .MP3 Converter :Converts files from YouTube format to .mp3 files.

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Audio Editing Software : Record and add effects, edit existing audio files in multiple formats, cut audio files into smaller files.

FREE Download links :

Transfer Big Files : File transfer site allows you to send large audio files through email. This works well for large audio files or corrupt audio.

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Sound Tap Streaming Audio Recorder : Play audio live and record it as it is playing.

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Record and Upload Files Using Your Mobile Phone

Step 1: Use your mobile's voice record option and record the conversation. Save it.

Step 2: Using your mobile's browser log into

Step 3: If you are already registered just login; otherwise you may need to register before you can upload your files.

Step 4: Use the browse option in the upload panel to search for the file you want transcribed. Upload it.

Devices that support Mobile

*You need to install an application that will allow you to upload files