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GMR closed captioning transcribers use latest technology available. Our easy to use system accepts all file formats.No need to continue searching for a high-quality transcription service. Unlike other Transcription Companies, we do the work right the first time, we deliver on-time, and we won’t waste your valuable time.

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We accept the following file formats for close captioned transcription:

- M4A - M4B - M4V - RA - RM - QT.XML - QT.TXT - QT.SMIL - SMI - .ASX

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Below is a quick description of types of closed captioning transcription services that you may need:

Real-time Captions

Real-time captions are transcribed while listening to the broadcast material in real time. Transcriber can be either present in person or do it while listening to the broadcast over phone. Broadcast system can enable viewing of real-time captions. While GMR transcribers do their best to keep up with the speaker, error rates is higher than offline captions. GMR provides real-time captions.

Offline Captions

Offline captioning is done after the recording for either web broadcast or planned later broadcast. The recording is uploaded in GMR’s secured server which is then transcribed by GMR’s US based expert transcribers. GMR guarantees 99% or higher accuracy for clear audio recording for offline closed captioning transcription.

Closed Captions and Open Captions

Viewer can turn-off closed captioning option whereas open captioning is built in the video and cannot be turned off.


Subtitle is similar to captions, but is generally done in different language than the recorded language. Subtitles are also synchronized with audio and video and displayed in a screen. Typical usage of sub-titles is movies, online training etc. GMR offers translation in over 30 different languages.

Word Highlighting

GMR can also highlight words for higher emphasis. This feature is frequently used for training videos and advertising videos. GMR can combine word highlighting with same language subtitles or second language subtitles, where the audio and subtitles are in different languages.

Web Captions

Different media players handle closed captions differently. GMR helps clients make closed captioning compatible with most media players.

Flash Captions

Flash videos require Adobe’s tools to implement captions with Flash video. You can also use prebuilt Flash video players such as the JW FLV Player and Flowplayer which support captions.

Why You Should Add Closed Captioning to Your Video?

Closed captioning increases your audience base by making your content available to hearing-challenged audience. It can also help you reach audience of different languages by offering sub-titles of words spoken in your video.

Here are some specific benefits of adding closed captioning transcripts to your video:

  • You address large left out audience who cannot follow the videos due to physical disabilities and language barriers. Millions of people living in America today are not fluent in English and need sub-titles to understand English-language video.
  • Closed caption transcriptionists can make it easier for audience by making sure that transcript conveys exactly what the intent of video is; especially when done in different language. Word by word transcript without proper emphasis may change the message completely.
  • Closed captioning transcription can be easily edited to convey exactly the message video intended.

GMR offers superior quality closed captioning transcription by matching specific videos with its large US based trained transcribers with their expertise.