The Most Popular Celebrity and Celebrity Gossip Podcasts That Are Worth Listening

The Most Popular Celebrity and Celebrity Gossip Podcasts That Are Worth Listening
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Today, everyone appears to have a podcast—your neighbor, your high school best friend, or even the grocery store clerk who tells you about it while ringing up your vegetables.

According to Edison Research, podcasts have grown in popularity over the previous decade, with more than half of Americans listening to one.

The audio frenzy makes sense—they're ideal for commuting, errands, cleaning, and even working out.

However, not only are your friends and relatives taking advantage of podcasting, but also your favorite celebrities are too.

Below is a list of the five best celebrity-hosted and celebrity gossip podcasts and their brief descriptions. If you find it interesting, select the right podcast for yourself.

5 Popular Celebrity Gossip Podcasts That Are Worth Listening:

1. Who? Weekly

This celeb gossip podcast is primary on our listing. It is hosted by Lindsay Weber and Bobby Finger; it tells the listeners about the not-so-known aspects and facts about celebrities.

In the beginning, “Who? Weekly” somewhat resembled a periodical e-newsletter, but today, the podcast is released independently. All podcast individuals are well-known personalities on social networks, broadcast actors,

YouTube stars, fact television participants, and different celebrities, divided into two groups “Who” or “Them.” This division is conditional and depends on the reputation of the character.

A separate category is “T.H.A.M.P.S.” it consists of pseudo-famous stylists, publicists, makeup artists, sellers, hairdressers, and more.

The “Nahs” category is likewise allocated. It consists of individuals who, although in complete view of the general public, aren't famous enough to be blanketed in the class “who.” The podcast “Who? Weekly” is very popular nowadays, and more than 500 podcasts have already been released.

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2. Disgraceland

Disgraceland host Jake Brennan explores the hidden aspect of celebrity life. In each 30-minute podcast, he tells the testimonies of musicians who've been caught up in scandals or crime adventures. GG Allin, John Lennon, Jeri Lee Lewis – they all have already grown to be heroes of the podcast.

You should make a list if you are interested in what’s going on in their life.

3. Berning in Hell

Hannah Berner is an Instagram influencer recognized for her bold persona. Berner invites people to her podcast show and encourages them to speak about their personal lifestyle reviews. Her guests include a variety of reality TV stars, entrepreneurs, and comedians.

The podcast attracts many listeners for the reason that it gets them to learn firsthand information about celebrities’ life.

Hannah Berner’s conversation with the guests happens in a question-and-answer format that interests the audience.

4. Anna Faris is Unqualified

Inside the podcast ‘Anna Faris is Unqualified’, actress Anna Faris, with co-host and producer Sim Sarna and famous guests, considers and discusses the difficult issues faced by her listeners.

She also manages to include many popular celebrities (such as Jimmy Kimmel, Nick Jonas, Elizabeth Olsen, etc.) in her series who are comfortable enough to share personal anecdotes.

Already in the spotlight, Faris emphasizes that though she does not have enough education and skill to advise, she can because she has a rich personal experience of two marriages, two divorces, and a son.

Moreover, Faris answers all the audience’s questions very thoroughly.

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5. Niki and Sammy's Peachy Podcast

Nicky and Sammy cover all the developments in their podcasts, from the ultra-modern track news to internet trends and back-of-the-scenes gossip. They often welcome well-known guests to the show.

Even though they haven’t posted for a couple of years, there are about 50 episodes worth being attentive to.

These are some of the best celebrity gossip podcasts on the net that you can concentrate on according to your choice.

In case you are inquisitive about this subject and need to research more about the lives of celebrities, you ought to listen to these podcasts more intently and select the one you like for regular listening.

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